15th UK and European Meeting on the Foundations of Physics

Welcome to the 15th Meeting on the Foundations of Physics. We hope to see you all in Leeds soon.


University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.
29 ~ 31, March, 2007

Jointly hosted by
the QI Group, School of Physics and Astronomy
and the Division of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Leeds

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Steven French     (Philosophy)
  • Prof. Vlatko Vedral       (QI, Physics)
  • Dr. Christopher Timpson (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Viv Kendon            (QI, Physics)
  • Dr. Wonmin Son          (QI, Physics)
  • Angelo Cei                  (Philosophy)

Programme: The programme is available here.

Invited Speakers:
Nicolas Gisin, Lucien Hardy, Adrian Kent, Anton Zeilinger.

Registered Speakers:

Presentation Abstracts

Talks will be 30 minutes including questions.
Andersson, Erika (Strathclyde) Aspelmeyer, Markus (Vienna) Bain, Jonathan (NewYork) Barrett, Jonathan (PI) Brown, Harvey (Oxford) Brown, Matthew (California) Brukner, Caslav (Vienna) Busch, Paul (PI) Butterfield, J.N. (Cambridge) Cala Vitery, Favio (Barcelona) Colin, Samuel (Waterloo) Dorato, Mauro (Roma) Fogel, Brandon (Chicago) Fraser, Doreen (Waterloo) Greaves, Hilary (New Brunswick) Grinbaum, Alexei (CEA-Saclay) Groisman, Berry (Cambridge) Hartmann, Stephan (LSE) Held, Carsten (Erfurt) Jaroszkiewicz, George (Nottingham) Kofler, Johannes (Vienna) Kryukov, Alexey A (Wisconsin) Lehmkuhl, Dennis (Oxford) Maroney, Owen (PI) Muller, F.A. (Rotterdam) Paternostro, Mauro (Belfast) Percival, Ian (Sussex) Pitts, J. Brian (Notre Dame) Pooley, Oliver (Oxford) Rae, Alastair I M (Birmingham) Schack, Ruediger (London) Seevinck, Michael.P. (Utrecht) Smets, Sonja (Brussel) Spekkens, Robert (Cambridge) van der Geest, R.C.F. (Leiden) Vickers, Peter (Leeds) Walgate, Jonathan (PI) Werndl, Charlotte (Cambridge) Westman, Hans (PI) Whitaker, Andrew (Belfast) Zinkernagel, Henrik (Granada)
-Poster Presenters
Bosca, M.C (Granada) Cometto, Miriam (Rome) Corbett, John (Sydney) Hewitt-Horsman, Clare (UCL) Realdi, Matteo (Padova) Shcherbak, O.A. (Ukraine) (Alphabetical order)


Talks will be located in Lecture Theatre D and Room G 36 of the Department of Chemistry; lunch and coffee breaks will be located in the Department of Philosophy, Baines Wing rooms G36 and G37. Registration will be outside Lecture Theatre D. To find the Chemistry Department, enter the University via the main entrance in the Parkinson Building (up the white steps underneath the tower) and head right into the Northern half of Parkinson Court. The entrance to the Chemistry department is on the left hand side at the end of the court, behind the coffee bar. For a detailed map and directions to the University, the accommodation and between the two, please click here.

Registration and Accommodation

The conference registration fee will be 35 pounds. The final deadline for registration is 10 March 2007. A limited amount of cheap and convenient University accommodation is available for the nights of 29th and 30th March (standard accommodation 26ppn; ensuite, 36 ppn; price includes breakfast) at Devonshire Hall.
Note: In a change from previous plans, the conference dinner will now be taking place on the evening of the 29th, rather than the rather than the 30th.

To register for the conference and to book accommodation, first download and complete the registration form ( DOC or PDF file). Return a hard copy with payment (cheque or credit card details, made payable to the University of Leeds) by post to Angelo Cei, Division of History and Philosophy of Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK; Or fax it to +44 (0)113 3433265.

Note; The university accomodation is no longer available, 31st Jan.

Student bursaries: Those awarded student bursaries will be reimbursed following registration at the conference in March.

Additional information for personal arrangement:

  • Glengarth Hotel 162 Woodsley Rd Leeds, LS2 9LZ Tel: 0113 245 7940
  • Manxdene Hotel 154 Woodsley Rd Leeds, LS2 9LZ Tel: 0113 243 2586
  • Many more for example, hotels in Leeds.

Important dates

17th of November, 2006 Dead line for abstract submission.
15th of December, 2006 Notification of the acceptance.
10th of March, 2007 Registration deadline.
29th of March, 2007 Conference begins.


Please send us any enquiries to our committee.

Additional Information

  • Those accepted to give talks or posters are encouraged to submit the full text of their paper to the Pittsburgh PHIL SCI archive. For instructions please see.

Some recordings of the talks are available here.


Department of Physics, University of Leeds
The British Society for the Philosophy of Science


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